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20+ interview questions that you should get answered before going further

While doing research for the draft published book Intern's Guide Chat GPT Full Stack: Nest, React, Typescript found some interesting questions you can ask at your interviews to make sure you get ahead of other candidates and shared them in a tweet. Don't be a fool to think this doesn't matter.

🤖👨‍💼 I’ve worked 15+ years in high innovative tech. Excited to interview for the software developer role! Here are my top 20+ questions to stand out and land the job. All powered by ChatGPT🚀 #softwaredevelopment #interviewtips

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1/20: 🤔🚧 What are your expectations for this role? I plan on exceeding them with my skills and experience. #aimhigh #careeropportunities

2/20: 🧐💻 What skills are you looking for in a candidate? I have a wide range of skills and can adapt to any project. Let's chat about how I can bring value to your team. #multitalented #teamplayer

3/20: 🤝📈 What are some of the things I can do in my first months to add value and contribute? I'm eager to start contributing right away and make a positive impact on the company's goals. #proactive #positiveimpact

4/20: 🌟👨‍💼 What would I be expected to accomplish in my first month, first six months, and year on the job? Let's talk about my goals and how I can help achieve the company's objectives. #goaloriented #resultsdriven

5/20: 🌍🔮 Where do you see this company going in 5 years? I'm interested in the long-term growth and success of the company, and want to be a part of it. #futurefocused #teamwork

6/20: 🌱🌳 How do you see this position growing, evolving, or changing? I'm looking for a long-term career and want to know about potential opportunities for growth and advancement. #careeropportunities #careerpath

7/20: 🤔🧑‍💼 How would you describe your management style? I want to make sure I'm a good fit for the team and the management style aligns with my work style. #teamchemistry #goodfit

8/20: 🤹‍♀️⚖️ How would you describe the work environment and the work/life balance? I value a positive work-life balance and want to make sure it aligns with the company culture. #worklifebalance #positiveworkenvironment

9/20: 🕰️👩‍💻 What kind of hours are expected for me to perform this role? What would a typical workweek look like? I want to ensure that I'm able to meet the expectations of the role and the company. #jobexpectations #workhours

10/20: 😊🤝 What are some things that you enjoy most about working here? I'm interested in the company's culture and want to know what makes it a great place to work. #companyculture #employeeexperience

11/20: 🚀👨‍💼 Provided excellent performance, what are the paths for growth? I'm driven to succeed and want to know what opportunities are available to advance my career. #careeropportunities #growthpotential

12/20: 💻🧐 Which systems do you use? Which computer programs would I be working with? I'm skilled with various systems and am always eager to learn new ones. #adaptable #techsavvy

13/20: ❓🤔 Do you have any questions or concerns about my ability to do the job or my background? I want to make sure I address any doubts or concerns and make a strong case for myself. #confidence #positivity

14/20: 🏆👩‍💼 🎯 What are the top projects or tasks I will be working on right away? I want to make sure I'll do my best on the job in place. #projects #novelty

15/20 🆕 Is this a newly created position or an existing one?
• This is a great question to ask to understand the context of the role and whether you will be building something from scratch or inheriting an existing system.

16/20 Which systems do you use? Which stack would I be working with?
• This is a great question to ask to show your experience with different software and to understand the tools you will be working with on the job.

17/20 How many hours of calls do you usually do? What times do you usually have the calls?
• This is a great question to ask to understand the nature of the work and how you can plan your schedule accordingly.

18/20 What is the average length of time somebody worked here?
• This is a great question to ask to understand the retention rate and culture of the company.

19/20 Do you have any concerns about my ability to perform this role?
• Use this question to address any concerns that the interviewer may have about your qualifications and to demonstrate how you plan to overcome those concerns.

20/20 Extra questions:
🏆 What does the best performer at your company do to excel in this role?

🏅 What goals do you have for me in my first month, first six months, and year on the job?

💼 How would you describe your management style?

21/20 Secret Things to dig about:
Chat GPT cannot reply to this and you probably won't get any honest answer but you should find your answers with a background check:
Have you ever bounced pay checks?
Any lawsuits or legal law suits against you?
What former employees say about the company?

I hope these questions give you a good idea of what to ask in a software developer job interview. Remember to be yourself and show your enthusiasm and experience throughout the interview process. Best of luck with your job search!

Use job interview questions as an opportunity to discuss your strengths and set you apart from other candidates!

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