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Postman: VS Code Extension


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Postman is a collaboration platform and API (Application Programming Interface) development tool used to build, test, and document APIs. It allows users to make HTTP requests, view responses, and analyze API endpoints.

Postman has features like API Testing, API Documentation, Collaboration, Mock Servers, Monitoring, Environment Management, Collection Runner.

How to install the extension

Recently, Postman VS Code extension was released. Now, you can develop and test your APIs in Postman straight from Visual Studio Code thanks to the Postman VS Code extension. To install Postman and use on VS Code :

  • Go to extension on VS Code and Install Postman extension

postman on vscode extension

  • You will notice the postman icon on the left side bar, then sign in to your postman account or create an account if you do not have one
    sign in to postman

  • Once you sign in, you can start sending requests

the postman extension

making request on postman extension


The Postman VS Code extension :

  • simplifies the process of working with APIs.
  • lets you easily create and send HTTP, WebSocket, and gRPC requests.
  • allows you to manage collections and environments effortlessly
  • import data with cURL commands
  • create and send cookies with your requests.

It makes API development and testing straightforward, leading to improved efficiency and productivity in your workflow

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Samuel Olagesin


temitopeagbaje profile image
Temitope Agbaje

Thank you

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Bowofade Oyerinde

Thanks for sharing. I have been using it for a while now. the only downside is that, it requires internet connection.

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Temitope Agbaje • Edited

The extension is currently in its beta phase. So with further improvement it should get better