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Vim vs. Neovim: it's yet immature

A post from my old blog:

I had a chance to try Neovim, which is quite a hot potato among Vim users. As far as I know, Neovim is started as a fork of Vim to include some features rejected by Vim maintainers. What I know about Neovim is only two: they adopted Lua as their script language along with VimScript, and LSP client is included(after v0.4).

I was really not satisfied with LSP support from Vim, so I was curious about how Neovim native LSP works. Conclusion? Well...... Before jumping into LSP, it looks like their big file management is still living the era of Vim 7. The memory consumption of Vim 9 and Neovim 0.9 are quite similar, but while in Vim you could easily navigate from here to there without any delay from Vim 8, Neovim showed quite formiddable delay when I tried to jump from the start to end at once. Also, the initial loading was a bit slow....... Though others are unanimously saying that "it's GREAT!", for me it lacks some basics as a text editor. Also, Windows installer was a bit premature compared with vim-win32-installer.

Though LSP is important for me too, but my job frequently requires processing of multi-GB size text files, I think I'll reside on Vim for some time being.

P.S.1: My Main Development Environment
For your reference, I use Visual Studio Code as my main development environment. Vim is mainly used to edit some texts.

P.S.2: About Vim's LSP Plugins
Well, for me, CoC, the final boss(?), is isolating itself outside Vim ecosystem(if I have to run Node.js inside Vim, then I'd use Visual Studio Code instead), vim-lsp lacks support on how to show the diagnosis results, and ALE doesn't show function signatures and code formatting is not supported....... Everything loses at least one core value from their stuff.

And today, I found this:
Image description

You've got to make your hands a bit dirty to configure(even you've got to register your LSP servers manually), but anyway it's editing some text files(:P). And with propre configuration it provides useful information as you see in the above screenshot. And one more thing: this is developed with Vim9Script - in other words, it doesn't work in Neovim.

P.S.3: Vim vs. Neovim - a Bridge You Can't Turn Back
While Neovim concentrates on Lua Vim made Vim9script, and Neovim announced they won't support Vim9script. I think this will be the marker of separation between these two projects. Personally it reminds me of the end of "full compatiblity" between MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10 due to differences in JSON support. The difference? In MySQL / MariaDB case the fork, MariaDB, shows better performance than MySQL, while in Vim / Neovim case the original, Vim, is better(at least to me).

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