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Haste makes waste

A post from my old blog:

Sometimes I find that the old saying always gives me wisdom. Nowadays I had a chance to reaffirm it. Haste makes waste, so I detoured, and I could save time eventually.

The detail is as follows: I'm assigned to develop a feature to extract some data, which looks a piece of cake but not actually. I've got to extract both summary and "body" from single raw data, and it should be faster if I do it in one loop. However, considering existing data storage process I had to separate this to two separate thread - or, that was my first impression. Such that, I intentionally delayed the implementation being busy with whatever not associated with this for three days, which was expected to be done in one day, and I found far better alternative: use only one loop, and make subsections.

Personally I consider "incubation effect" as of the most importance. Already confirmed by the academia of psychology, you can see more and better for the given question when you encountered difficult question by doing something unrelated to the given issue for a while. The actual mechanism is not in agreement yet, but it is the job of the academia, and my job is using it with my thanks to those psychologists. :D

It's nothing, but I could reinforce my behavior with "I'm not wrong!", so I drop a line here.

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