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5 Best Practices Every Developer Should Follow.

Teke Rene
I love coding, passionate in learning new skill and creativity.
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Development and Technology are the top trend of our livelihood today, Everyone keep being attracted to one or the many fields of technology and development that has exists today. Many find them selves into these fields but very little always make it to the top.


A developer is an individual that build and create software and applications. He or she is responsible in the writing, debugging and executing the source code of a software application. A Developer is also known as a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, PROGRAMMER, SOFTWARE CODER OR SOFTWARE ENGINEER.

On today's agenda, i will be presenting to you the 5 best practices every developer should follow in other to avoid mistakes and delay and clear fix your path toward success. Below are the lists of five best Practices.


In the world of information and technology, developers want to learn new technologies and build new things.In other to learn new things at the points of changing the world, you have to stay focus and follow the trend. One thing i have notice is the fact that things are constantly changing and in other to meet the trend you should move with the change.
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That is a fact of life with developers, its true be it you are working with JavaScript front end frameworks or with databases. Things are even worse for front end developers who gets hot for a year or two and then you have to change the way you do things therefore as a developer, you have to accept that change.

Below are a list of five tools you can implement in order to keep you up to date and burning:

a) Participate in Open source communities.

b) Go To Events.

c) Use Social Media To Stay Up To Date.

d) Be Skeptical with New Technologies.

e) Meets with Peers and Senior Developers so often.

Put this into practice and stay up to date with the latest technology, software, framework and that programming language that will better handle that problem you wanna solve.


Programming is becoming an essential part of nearly every industry known to man, this is due to the way it help to organize and maintain large systems.

You can learn how to code from a more interactive platform that will build you ability to understand coding more quicker and easier and also you can learn how to code from reading books and articles which is still very helpful. Coding is a lot more about creativity and ideas development.

Therefore whatever source you feel comfortable with best match, a lot more persons will prefer an active session where real time ideas are being process and developed. That brings to the idea of coding challenges where we can be great in the follow aspects:

learning new ways of doing things.
Practicing a new programming language.
Encountering critical problems.
Keeping the brain active, focused and sharper.
Having fun with friends and mates.

In a quest for such challenges below are top five best coding Challenges to join:

a) Clash of Code.

b) HackerEarth.

c) CodeMonk.

d) Coderbyte.

e) Codility.

Join a coding Challenge as a developer and kick start your development process.


While the age-old saying suggests that practice makes perfect, researchers have found that practice alone doesn't necessarily lead to success. Instead, experts suggest that the right kind of practice is what really matters when trying to optimize learning and increase skills.

Practice They say Makes Perfect simply means if you keep doing something over and over, definitely you gonna be perfect in it, the same applies to development and programming. How often you solve a task prepares you for a better solutions on more of such tasks. For you to be a better developer, you have to keep practicing let practice be your habit i mean part and parcel of you.

While learning new skills engage your self into exercises that will keep you practicing new skills and the skills you have learned. This will help you escape the difficulties of forgetting what you previously learned in a bit for further knowledge.

When deciding how much time you want to dedicate a week to practice, it’s best to start with small sessions. You should focus on keeping the appointment to begin with. Once you have developed the habit you can increase the time.

Once you are ready to increase your practice time, you can turn to Malcolm Gladwell’s idea of 10,000 hours.

What I am recommending is to consider your goals, available time and tenacity. Add the idea of 10,000 hours and mix well. By all means if you want to be the youngest senior developer this world has ever seen, then you have to keep practicing.

If you are the rest of the population and want to lead a dynamic life, you need to be realistic. Strive for progress and not perfection and I promise you will reach your goals as a developer.


Yes you get me well, I said wake up early. Developing the altitude of waking up early every morning is very good and important for the growth of any developer, when starting, it might sound or feel difficult especially as you will miss your sweets moments you use to have with your pillows, but as far as you are striving toward success sleep won't be a contributor toward your success.

Take note !!! i wont really identify the time you should be waking up for this will depend on our individual circumstances and lifestyles but you will have to identify the required hours of sleep your body needs. This will varies, the best way to examine this is by paying close attention to the hours you sleep within the day and if you really can not take note of this then i will recommend you setting an alarm clock before you sleep that will help wakes you up.

Its true your body needs a maximum amount of sleep, this is also a contributing factor toward the growth of your brain therefore sleep is actually very important. Here are some top reasons why you should be waking up early every day:

a) Get a head Start.

b) Increased Productivity.

c) Timeliness or start working early.

d) Self-mastery.

e) Exercise.

Persons who always wakes up early in the morning to prepare or to exercise always have a different understanding toward the program the are solving therefore i will highly recommend you waking up early if you want to be a good problem solving developer.

5) LEARN TO Read.

Learning how to read as a developer is very important. These can be seen in the situation where most developers only understands how to solve problems practically and when it comes to reading they are lacking. Knowledge is meant to be shared and in today world reading is one of the most popular ways we share knowledge.

Why you should learn how to read as a developer:

_You will properly understand the problem you are trying to solve. This is because most developers do not like reading and only think logically when trying to solve minor problems which might save them more time just reading one or two articles.

_ Reading will help developers reduce stress. Instead of stressing your mind trying to solve something that has already been solved, why don't you just read one or two posts and refrained you solution.


Developers will make no further mistakes if these five tested points are taking in to account and are implemented rightly.

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