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Why am I so bad at using CSS

Hazmi Irfan
A developer that likes to build things. Currently working on
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Whenever I see on someones resume mentioning CSS as one of their skills i giggle to myself. They can't be serious? CSS is not a programming language! All you need to do is just google a few stuff and copy paste!.

I guess that's why even after ~5 years of developing websites, I would still rate my CSS as below average(way below to be honest).

Although it's true that CSS is not a programming language, but it's still a language nonetheless. A style sheet language and like any other language, you need to take it seriously in order to be good at it.

So, sorry CSS. I promise to take you more seriously next time.

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manish srivastava

I thought CSS easy but it tough .... Thought Devops tough but it's easy...

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Hazmi Irfan Author

Oh why do you think it's easy? I mostly rely on Heroku to deploy stuff but I can't imagine it would be easy to do without it.

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manish srivastava

Devops is easy. Mostly, it's syntax run then wait wait....

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