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Should you include your photo on your resume?

Hazmi Irfan
A developer that likes to build things. Currently working on
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One of the feature of my website that I am building right now is that a user will have the ability to generate resume from multiple ready made template.

This means I need to build the resume template myself and now comes the question, should you include your photo in your resume?

Personally I have never include my photo on my resume and a quick google would also suggest the same thing.

Now, having being the interviewer myself and look at multiple resumes, I think the answer should be "it depends".

Just to be clear, when a resume contain a photo, I don't discriminate(although some people do) but as a human I do judge.

A resume with a good photo definitely is better than a resume without it.

BUT, a bad photo is worse than a resume without a photo.

So what is a bad photo? Well, the one that I keep seeing is a generic passport photo and in my opinion should be omitted.

Although I don't use the photo to determine whether to hire a person or not, but I do think first impression goes a long way and you should reserve that until the interview itself.

That is unless you are very good with camera!

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