How to capture Entity Values in Node.js Backend

teenahg profile image Tinashe Gondwa ・1 min read

Hi DEVs. I'm looking for a way to capture user input entered in Dialogflow as an Entity, then the value of the entity(actual data) sent to Node.js and saved as a variable. I've tried using getEntityQuery() but it's not working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks Newton, I've been able to implement this.

My problem now however is trying to get specific data inputs from a user, like so:
var id1 = agent.parameters["SomeDialogflowEntity"];
var id2 = agent.parameters["DialogflowEntity2"];

both values being captured dynamically from Dialogflow, then use these values(id1 and id2), as conditions in an SQL statement in the Node.js backend connected to a database.


Are you trying to get them in a fulfillment webhook or from the match intent response?

I want to get them from a fulfillment webhook.