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re: Let me look at this. Thanks

You're welcome. Thanks, also awaiting your response on this.

Hi Tinashe, have you tried the sample code? Here's the repository github.com/newtonmunene99/wa-chatbot

Hi Newton. Yes, I cloned the code from github and only changed the Credentials but it's not working.

Did you rename .env.copy to .env.
Also what OS are you running?

yes, I renamed it. I'm running Windows 10

Please tell me if it runs with npm run dev:watch or npm run dev

The issue might be that rm isn't supported by Windows OS

Thanks mate. I was able to debug it and now it's running. Several factors were taking play, one of which is the issue of platform compatibility. Thanks so much for the assistance

Hi Tinashe, how did you solve your issue, I'm also getting the same 502 Bad Gateway error

Hi Chris. First, check if you have all of the required node modules installed. The second check is this: if you're testing your project in a local environment, you must run npm run dev first, then once the server is running, you also start any other service or app that wants to use your project.

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