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Picking A Software Engineering Bootcamp That Works For You

What is a Code Bootcamp?

Coding Bootcamps are the new norm when trying to break into the tech industry. These bootcamps are intensive and accelerated programs to help beginners develop the tech skills to gain employment in fields that are sought. These programs consist of Cybersecurity, Data Science, UI/UX, Digital Marketing, Technical Sales, and of course Software Development. The average cost of bootcamps in 2022 is $14,000 and the average starting salary after graduation from bootcamps is $69,000. These bootcamps vary in length from 6 to 28 weeks, although the average bootcamp length is 14 weeks. For Software Engineering programs, bootcamps teach students the modern and widely known programming languages used in current workplace environments so your skills can be immediately implemented. Such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, and more.

There are bootcamps in over 85 cities throughout the US/Canada. These can be attended in-person if you live close to a location or even virtually if you don't have that luxury. The number of students with college degrees is starting to decline slowly. Also, self-taught Software Engineers are employable nowadays as well.

Choosing A Bootcamp That Matches You

So, you want to become a Software Engineer, eh? Let's deep dive into what things you have to consider when making your choice in choosing the right one for you. There's plenty of options to choose from. If you haven't done your own research, you might think every bootcamp is the same or something....

That's not the case. There are important aspects to take into consideration even before choosing the bootcamp that works for you as well. Here's an overall list of the things to start with when choosing the one that works for you:

Living Situation

What's your lifestyle? Since bootcamps are pretty high in price, do you have savings to attend a bootcamp while not working? Can you finance or pay bootcamp tuition upfront? Are you willing to take on a ISA to attend a bootcamp?

For more information on ISA's look here:(

How Much Time Do You Want To Spend In Bootcamp?

There's cohorts that range from 14 to 28 weeks. Some are self-paced over a course of months that allow you to still work your regular job. Most will require you to commit and tune out everything during a 14 week intensive period. Consider these things if you have kids and family as well.

Are you a Self-starter/Self-Learner?

Yes, bootcamps provide the structure you may need, but don't misconstrue this structure by assuming you will be handheld all the way through. Fast-paced bootcamps are definitely swim or drown situations. You will need to spend long days and long nights consuming knowledge and getting things done on your own outside class hours. Being able to research and google is a needed skill in bootcamp.


Make sure the curriculum of your desired bootcamp has modern programming languages. Look at job postings and see the languages that are in demand from employers on LinkedIn and other job boards. I suggest Full-Stack Javascript, Python, and Django as the main ones to look for when choosing a bootcamp. These language stacks are good for beginners that can build the fundamentals needed to gain employment.


When choosing a proper bootcamp, you want to make sure that your choice has some sort of network development or career services to increase chances of employment once you graduate. Also, try reaching out to previous alumni if you can. Check and see employment statistics of previous graduates that attended the bootcamp you are leaning towards.

Choosing a bootcamp is a very important process. It's not only an investment in yourself, but an investment into the school you trust to lead you in the right direction. So don't take your decision lightly. Weigh out every factor and align everything correctly so you have no reason to not succeed.

Wishing you luck on your journey ahead!

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