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TJ Fogarty on August 28, 2018

Heya, I'm currently trying to build up my website. I've been trying to post more regularly this year, and I've started fleshing out the content mor... [Read Full]
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Great job! Layout and organisation of information is simple and easy to process. I also love the appearance as I'm in a huge believer in simplicity.

My one critique is that you change the Contact page submit button to be the same style as the buttons you have on your Projects page. Looks better and would also keep it more consistent.


Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback! Good shout, I'll get that sorted :)


Looks very nice! What did you use? React?


I want to know the answer to this question for just about every site I visit. I've fallen in love with the Wappalyzer Chrome extension, it is quite good at determining the technologies used on any given webpage. It's also open-source, which just makes it even better.


Very kind of you to say! I'm using Hugo (gohugo.io/) to build a static site. All the content lives in markdown files.


The homepage header effect looks awesome!

Overall, super clean. Just a few personal opinions:

• The blade below the homepage header, where it lists "Front-End," "Back-End," and "JavaScript" feels a little underdeveloped. Maybe add some lines between each paragraph to give it a more defined, organized look.

• The other pages could use a little more flavor, they feel a little bland to me. Maybe add some pink highlights to the title's of each page, color the text, underline it with pink - Something like that to help make it a little less basic (especially since the homepage title/header is super sick!)

• Add a "Home" option to the page-menu in the top right corner, some people (old people) might not know to click the logo in the top left to get back to the homepage.

Again, take these with a grain of salt, they're just my stuck-up suggestions lol. Overall it looks really good man 🤘😤🤘


Excellent points, thanks for taking the time to give some feedback! I totally agree about the touchpoints, it's been bugging me as well.

I've added a home link, and I'll work on the other feedback for the next version.

Thanks for taking the time to help, Gage!


Awesome work man. How did you manage to find the domain name ?


Thanks, Aswath! In Ireland you needed to provide proof that you can lay claim to a .ie domain. I had to provide ID proving my status as an Irish citizen, and my name as it's related to the domain I wanted. I think they've loosened up some of the rules, but you still need to provide some form of ID.


Nicely done!

Maybe this should become a thing like “ask me anything” #AMA. Call it “Give Me Feedback”? #GMF? I’m going to post something like this soon when I’m done building my site, hehe.


Good idea, looking forward to it! :)


Nice font and colors, focused on Material Design or not?


Cheers, Thomas. It wasn't on my mind at the time, but now that you mention it I see some similarities!


I love the hero content on index page, is simple but beautiful 👌

Thanks! I saw it done here and tweaked the implementation a bit ptsjs.org/


The site looks great! I really like the clean design.

Haven't put together my portfolio site yet, but I am bookmarking this for inspiration!


Thanks, Steven! Would love to see you share it when it's ready!


Thanks, Ruth! It changes on a whim, so I might ruin it soon enough haha.


I like that your website looks nice even with JavaScript disabled.


Thanks! I'm trying to keep JS usage to a minimum. It's only used on the homepage.


I like it - It's fast and accessible which are my two favourite things 🙌🙌🙌
And it looks nice, good work!


Thanks, Klaudia. You're very kind!


Very very nice! However.. nitpicky comment incoming: at least on mobile, the banner with the little squares are a bit interfering with the title. However, as I said, nitpicky :)

Awesome website!


The nitpickier the better haha. Thanks for that, and the kind words, Wesley, I'll address that in a future update!

Thanks, Alex! I really like the layout of your site and how one section leads to the other with the different backgrounds. Very succinct.


Well your website looks pretty neat, simple and straightforward. Everything works, there are no broken links and all the pages load up nicely so great job on that mate!


Thanks, Juan! :)


It's good. Now focus on producing more content :)


Haha thanks, Pablo, I'm on it!

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