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Plain Text File of URLs

tedmasterweb profile image Ted Stresen-Reuter Originally published at on ・1 min read

After searching a rather long time and not finding anything, I decided to publish my own list of URLs as a plain text file, one URL per line.

As I do development, I sometimes need plain text files of test data. I can find Lipsum galore, placeholder photos of Bill Murry, lists of words, plain text files of varying sizes, even a place to dispose of your data (yes, trash can as a service), but I’ll be damned if I can find a single text file full of URLs. So I made my own plain text file of URLs. I hope you find this useful 🙂

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Josephine Frimpomaa Kwakye

Thank you. This was so helpful

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Ted Stresen-Reuter Author

Thanks for the feedback. It's actually from my personal bookmark collection but I went through and preened the 404s before publishing it.

Re: trash can as a service and companies, ha ha ha :-)