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How do you find and apply to speak at conferences?

tedgoas profile image Ted Goas ・1 min read

Howdy y’all, I’m wondering how y’all find out about conferences you’d like to attend. And more specifically, how would you find ones that are accepting speaker proposals.

I have a handful of topics I’ve given talks about, but am struggling to find conferences that are looking for speakers or soliciting CFPs (call for proposals).

For conference goers and speakers alike, how do you find them?


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I tend to find CFPs for the conferences I'm interested in by following companies/projects I like on Twitter or their email lists.

These are also good resources


Offhand, I know that Codeland and Twilio's SIGNAL (CFP closes tomorrow) have their CFPs open right now


Amazing, thank you!!!


Hi Ted!

You can find a lot of open CFPs on tulu.la/



Hey this is great! I'd love to find the front-end or design version of this!


Did you mean events about frontend? There're some events about Frontend tulu.la/events/?about=frontend or about JavaScript tulu.la/events/?about=JavaScript or UI/UX tulu.la/events/?about=UI%2FUX

Oooh thanks, I didn't see the filters!