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TL;DR: I'm most productive on Friday afternoon.

I'll define "productive" as "uninterrupted time focused on individual contributor work like coding, designing, writing, etc." More on that below*.

Note: I work on a distributed team. I'm in EST, but work with folks in Western Europe and Western Americas.

Time of day:

  1. Morning (8am-10am): Not everyone's working yet (PST folks are asleep and most EST folks aren't on until after 9am). But we have a lot of folks in GMT/CET so, distractions happen.
  2. Mid-day (10am-2pm): πŸ˜‚ nope! Everyone's working. It's the most popular time for meetings, demos, and synchronous conversations.
  3. Afternoon (2pm-5pm): Europe's done, but the Americas are still working to wrap up things by EOD.

Because I work in the middle time zone of a distributed team, and there's more people ahead of me than behind me, generally afternoons are my most productive.

Day of the week:

  1. Monday: Remember how to do my job (lol), review work from last week, plan out current week, and attend a couple stand-ups.
  2. Tuesday: Do IC work between meetings and research sessions.
  3. Wednesday: Do IC work between meetings and research sessions.
  4. Thursday: Do IC work between meetings and research sessions.
  5. Friday: Do mostly IC work. People go silent as their weekend gets closer. We're not shipping to production, scheduling client demos, or anything major like that. Anything that can wait until Monday does (which is almost everything).

So Friday is the most productive day because Europe finishes before me and project works slows a bit since we don't want to ship anything major because the next day is Saturday.

So Friday afternoon is my most productive time of the week overall. I typically don't have any recurring calendar events and chat/email is mostly silent.

* I don't consider meetings or chat to be unproductive by default. Though however well-structured, a 5min chat conversation here and a 30min meeting there add up over time. Death by a thousand papercuts.

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