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I think this is a very important topic. I wrote about it a couple years ago tedbergeron.github.io/2016/08/22/P...

I agree with keeping the content as text (Markdown/AsciiDoc) and using a process to convert it to static HTML.

But how do you ensure (pay) it will be hosted a hundred years from now? We have the Internet Archive archive.org/ but maybe we need more that that. Some public commons that is preserving static content forever.


Markdown with front matter might be one of the best export formats for both human and semantic meaning.

But how do I export WordPress like so?


Search for "wordpress export to markdown file" and you'll find solutions from WordPress plugins to projects like github.com/lonekorean/wordpress-ex... "Converts a WordPress export XML file into Markdown files. Useful if you want to migrate from WordPress to a static site generator (Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, etc.)."

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