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Laravel Spring and React Project

Hi folks,

What is this Project about?
I am planning to create a personal project that has Laravel Backend that controls Security, Authentication, Auhorization and UI rendering Functionalities and a Spring REST backend that takes care of all other CRUD functionalities. The UI is built on ReactJS.

What is the purpose of this project?
This project is purely experimental, I'm doing this project more or less to improve my understanding on the subject.

What is the project intended to do?
This project has 3 parts,
Part 1 Landing Page that is dynamically rendered via Laravel.
Part 2 Authentication and User Management that is taken care via Laravel CRUD
Part 3 A Website CMS that has CRUD completely handled on the Spring side.

What is the Infrastruture for this Project?
Entire Project inclusive of Laravel, React and Spring is Hosted on AWS EC2 T2.Micro Instance,
AWS RDS MySQL Instane on t3.mircro is used as DB.
AWS S3 for File storage

My ask to the community?

  1. What additional improvements can be done.
  2. is there a better approach that can used in place of this for future projects?
  3. What are you personal and professional opinions on this.

Below is the visual representation of the intended architecture

Image description

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