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Python Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course [FREE] 🎉

techworld_with_nana profile image Techworld with Nana ・2 min read

Python is the most popular programming language out there:
Python most popular statistic

And it is used for so many different industries, like:

  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • and Automation - to automate repetitive tasks in general

So learning Python is definitely a good idea! ⭐️

In this complete Python course you will learn everything you need to get started with Python. 🚀 🤩

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of the concepts and hands-on experience with several demo projects you can follow along.

Check out the course overview below or jump into the tutorial right away 🤓👇🏻


  • Introduction to Python
  • Installation and Setup Local Development Environment
  • Write our first Python program
  • Python IDE vs simple File Editor
  • Strings and Number Data Types
  • Variables
  • Encapsulate Logic with Functions
  • Accepting User Input
  • Conditionals (if / else) and Boolean Data Type
  • Error Handling with Try / Except
  • While Loops
  • Lists and For Loops
  • Comments in Python
  • Sets
  • Built-In Functions
  • Dictionary Data Type
  • Modularize your project with Modules
  • Project: Countdown App
  • Packages, PyPI and pip
  • Project: Automation with Python (Working with Spreadsheets)
  • Object Oriented Programming: Classes and Objects
  • Project: API Request to GitLab

⭐️ Introduction to Python ⭐️

First, I will give you a short introduction to Python in general, why it's so popular and what it's used for. 🤔

⭐️ Basic Building Blocks of Programming⭐️

After having installed Python and set up the local environment, we will start with the basic building blocks of programming, like different data types, variables, functions, conditionals, looping etc.
You will learn all these concepts with hands-on examples.

⭐️ Modules⭐️

As a next step you will learn how to modularize your own Python project, but also how to use some built-in python modules.

⭐️ Project: Countdown App⭐️

With all these knowledge we can then build our next project to write a small program that accepts a goal and a deadline as user input and then outputs the number of days remaining till the goal deadline.

⭐️ Packages, PyPI & pip⭐️

In this section you will learn what packages, the difference of modules and packages and how to install them.

⭐️ Project: Automation with Python⭐️

After having learnt about third-party packages and how to install them with pip, we will use an external module for our next automation project, where we learn how to automate tasks when working with excel spreadsheet files.

⭐️ OOP - Classes and Objects⭐️

Finally, we will dive into object oriented programming, where you learn what Classes and Objects are in programming and Python specifically and why this concept is so useful.

⭐️ Project: API Request to GitLab⭐️

In the final demo project you will learn another common use case with Python, which is communicating with other applications over the internet. By making a request to fetch some data from GitLab API.
In this specific case, we will list the GitLab project of a specific user.

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atulit023 • Edited

Article is amazing, all the hardwork you did paid of damn well.
Thanks for making this amazing bundle.

But you should definitely update those stastics.
Stastics StackOverflow

☝️😄 JavaScript ain't that poor dear.

techworld_with_nana profile image
Techworld with Nana Author

Thanks a lot! 😊

I also think JavaScript seems too low in the statistics I refer to. But it's from 2020 and their sources are GitHub and Google Trends, so..
Thanks for the link, I know the StackOverflow survey's. And I guess the survey can be different of course to the other statistic. I think it's always difficult to rank these, there are several rankings out there (like PYPL or TIOBE) and all have different rankings, because they look at different criteria. 🤷🏻‍♀️

But I just wanted to make the point that Python is popular 😊

icecoffee profile image

You surely aced that.