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What are your benefits like?

shushugah profile image shushugah ・1 min read

What are the benefits like in your industry and local town?

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In Berlin, Germany where I am currently based, by law for all employees we have

  1. unlimited sick leave
  2. paid parental leave
  3. minimum of 20 vacation days for 40-hour workweek

Typically the probation period is 6 months, which means you can be fired with a two week notice period for any reason. However, afterwards, it's much harder, and you're entitled to warnings for most violations and a 3 month notice period.

In addition, many software engineering jobs in Berlin offer additional vacation and small benefits like free drinks such as club mate. Photo of various types of Club Mate drinks

and Tischtennis (table tennis) as you can see from my tweet below!


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Sebastian Vargr

No beatings on Mondays, boss figured it being monday was enough of a punishment.

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Philip Hallstrom

Beatings will continue until morale improves.