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Laravel 9 Send Mail Using Queue Example

In this article, we will see you laravel 9 send mail using a queue example, Many times we can see many processes take more time to load like bulk email sending, payment gateway processes, etc.

Whenever you are sending an email for verification then it loads time to send mail because it is services. If you don't want to wait for the user to send an email or other processes on loading server-side process then you can use the queue.

In laravel 9 send mail using a queue example we will set up the mailtrap for sending an email.

Laravel queues provide a unified queueing API across a variety of different queue backends, such as Amazon SQS, Redis, or even a relational database.

So, let's see send mail using a queue in laravel 9.

How To Send Email Using a Queue In Laravel 9

Step 1: Install Laravel 9 Application For Send Mail Using Queue

Step 2: Create Mail Setup

Step 3: Configuration of Queue

Step 4: Create Queue Job

Step 5: Test Queue Job

Step 6: Run Laravel 9 Application
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