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Laravel 9 Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration

In this article, we see laravel 9 razorpay payment gateway integration. Here, we will learn how to integrate razorpay payment gateway in laravel 9.

As you all know if you are developing an e-commerce website then you must need a payment system to buy and sell your product on your website and at that time we require any type of payment integration required in the website.

Razorpay payment gateway integration is very easy to use like other payment gateways. Razorpay helps process online payments for online as well as offline businesses.

Razorpay allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallet, and UPI payments with the Mobile App integration.

So, let's see razorpay payment gateway integration in laravel 7/8/9, and laravel razorpay integration.

Step 1: Install laravel 9 Application

Step 2: Create an Account in Razorpay

Step 3: Install Razorpay Package

Step 4: Add Key and Secret Key

Step 5: Create a Route

Step 6: Create RazorpayController

Step 7: Create Blade File

Step 8: Run Laravel 9 Application
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