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Laravel 8 Socialite Login With Google Account

In this tutorial, we will see laravel 8 socialite login with google account. Also, you can gain knowledge about how to socialite login with google account in laravel 8 jetstream. Laravel also provides a simple, convenient way to authenticate with OAuth providers using laravel socialite.

Laravel socialite currently supports authentication with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.

So, in this laravel 8 login with google example we are using the OAuth process and integrating google API in laravel.

So, let's see laravel socialite google login.

Step 1 : Install Laravel 8

Step 2 : Install JetStream

Step 3 : Install Socialite

Step 4 : Create Google App

Step 5 : Add Database Column In User Table

Step 6 : Create Route

Step 7 : Create Controller

Step 8 : Edit Login Blade File
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