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How To Create Barcode Generator In Laravel 9

In this article, we will see how to create a barcode generator in laravel 9.

In this example, we will use the milon/barcode package and we will implement it in our barcode example in laravel 9.

milon/barcode package provide many functionalities and different options to generate barcode. It provides several barcodes like C39E, C39, C39E+, C93, S25, S25+, C39+, I25, I25+, PDF417, etc.

So, let's see how to generate barcode using milon/barcode package in laravel 9, barcode generator in laravel 9, and laravel 9 barcode generator.

Step 1: Install Laravel 9 For Barcode Generator

Step 2: Install milon/barcode Package

Step 3: Add Service Provider And Aliase

Step 4: Create Controller

Step 5: Add Route
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