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Datatable Filter With Dropdown In Laravel 9

In this article, we will see a datatable filter with a dropdown in laravel 9.

Here we will add data tables with custom filters using fields and searching data without refreshing datatable. we will see the datatable custom dropdown filter on the server-side example.

So, let's see the dropdown filter in laravel 9, laravel 9 custom datatable filter, and the datatable custom filter dropdown server side.

Using yajra datatable package you can directly list records with pagination, sorting as well as filter features available but if you want to add an advanced filter like the datatable dropdown or dropdown search filter in laravel datatables or yajra datatables filter column then you need to add below code step by step to integrate yajra datatable dropdown filter with laravel 9.

Step 1: Install Laravel 9 for Custom Filter with Dropdown

Step 2: Install Yajra Datatable 

Step 3: Add New Column In Users Table

Step 4: Add Record using Tinker

Step 5: Add Routes

Step 6: Create Controller

Step 7: Create Blade file for View

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