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What problems do front end developers face currently that do not have a well formed solution?

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So the modern applications are based on React/Vue and maybe even the latest version of Angular because these libraries make life easier for developers by solving some very common problems.

I am trying to understand, are there any such issues that are still currently being faced that developers find a way around but feel that if there was a generic/general solution to this, life would be easier?

I have only been working with JavaScript for about 2 years now and I am interested to know what kinda problem statements are out there.

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The Npm eco system is ridiculous. We have a 20 page angular solution. The Npm module size is 25meg, lots of warnings etc. We're constantly having to manually mind NPM to make things clean. Addin just one new package can start the nonsense all over.

Angular upgrades are a mess. In .net upgrades are simple. In Angular you might loose a week.

Finally non Isomorphic solutions are irritating. You have to code in multiple languages which are content switches
Can be done but mostly an inane thing to have to do.


This is the biggest reason I’ve steered clear of NPM. The whole thing feels like this huge insurmountable monolith.


And even if it's tamed, who knows what's in the cage? There are so many things in the node_module folder it's painful to scroll from top to bottom much less know wtf they do.

I may sound like a newbie here, and correct me if I'm wrong, but can we not exercise some amount of control over what is there in node_modules? I've used 'create react-app' only once, post which I've just gone with 'npm init' and inject dependencies as needed along the way. Every time I inject them, I make it a point to go through what stuff have been added and read through why they are needed since the documentation for these are always available.

Maybe I'm just being tedious there haha! Just a habit.

Hello Shreenath;

For me I have different perspectives based on the many different platforms I worked over the years. I worked 7 years on the IBM ISeries, where upgrades to the entire operating system well almost always 100% flawless. The I worked in Java for 10 years where once again upgrades were flawless. Then I moved to .NET were again, upgrades were flawless. The content in all of those systems was well defined and guaranteed Not has dependency issues.

This is the opposite with NPM which we are taught to use in Angular, React, and Vue. Its easy to spend an entire week doing just an upgrade. All I'm saying is that the NPM dependency ecosystem is a bad experience. It's nowhere close to being a good product.


I can think of one major item: storing secrets.

Specifically on this topic, not being able to store secrets securely on the front end makes it pretty difficult to setup authentication on something like a SPA with no back-end. Luckily PKCE is becoming more widely supported, but you still can't really persist the access token or the refresh token in a secure way, so it's kind of a limited use fix.


Haven't used it yet, but doesn't CryptoJS help with this? I mean, I understand that the secrets can be accessed but encryption is probably the best layer of security we can provide at this point. Surely it can't be that easy to break it.


Where do you store the key needed to decypt?

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