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Trilochan Parida
Trilochan Parida

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Python Full Tutorial for Beginners

I have gone many Youtube channels and found so many tutorials on python but no one is discussing straight forward about the concept.
I thought I needed to share my knowledge of python for beginners. In this series, we will discuss nothing nonsense here, only concepts and in last we will do 10 projects in python to understand it better. Then we will prepare for interviews so that after completing this course you will be job-ready.

So let's learn together:

[0] What is Python and Why You Should Learn it:

[1] Installing Python & VS Code:

[2] Getting started with Python:

[3] Variables in Python with Example:

[4] Data Types in Python with Example:

[5] Numbers in Python with Example:

[6] Strings in Python with Example:

[7] List in Python with Example:

[8] Tuple in Python with Example:

[9] Sets in Python with Example:

[10] Dictionaries in Python with Example:

[11] If...Else Statement in Python with Example:

[12] While Loop in Python in Example:

[13] For Loop in Python with Example:

[14] What is name in Python Explained with Example:

[15] List Comprehension in Python with Example:

[16] Lambda Functions in Python with Example:

[17] break, continue and pass statements in Python with Example:

[18] Walrus Operator in Python with Example:

[19] 6 Ways to Format a String in Python:

[20] Functions in Python:

[21] 5 Ways to Copy a List in Python:

[22] Recursion in Python:

[23] How to Sum Elements of Two Lists in Python:

[24] Global, Local, Nonlocal Variables in Python:

[25] Python Modules:

[26] Building a Mad Libs Game in Python:

[27] Dice Rolling Simulator Game in Python:

[28] Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) in Python:

[29] Objects and Classes in Python:

[30] Inheritance in Python:

[31] Method Overriding with super() in Python:

[32] Polymorphism and Operator Overloading in Python:

[33] How to Build Hangman Game in Python:

[34] Files in Python:

[35] Errors and Exceptions in Python:

[36] Iterator in Python:

[37] Email Slicer in Python:

[38] Binary Search Algorithm in Python:

[39] How to Merge Two Dictionaries in Python:

[40] Generators in Python:

[41] Email Extraction using Python:

Stay tuned for more tutorials 🙏🏻

Full Playlist:

I hope you will enjoy this series but make sure that you subscribe to my channel before going forward and also share with your friends let everyone learn python programming.

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Andrew Baisden

This is like a full course thanks for posting.