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How to Start an Online Store- A Quick Guide for Beginners

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Do you want to sell products online and make huge profits? Of course you do. It is the most profitable business idea right now! Entrepreneurs running online shops are making huge profits and unknowingly leading the way to the ecommerce revolution.

That said, the process of starting an online store is not simple. It involves research, planning, product sourcing, marketing and tons of other things. That’s why we decided to help the ecommerce newbies.

In this blog, we will underline the most important aspects of starting an online store so that you can launch your digital shop with ease.

Decide what to sell

There are literally thousands of products that can be sold online. From clothes to vintage items, accessories, shoes, hardware products, office supplies, chemicals, lighting products, and even software, everything is sold and bought online.

Your first task therefore should be to decide what to sell. If you are already running an offline business and want to take your products online, then, this is a no-brainer. However, if you are an entrepreneur who simply wants to source and sell, well, you need to do a lot of thinking.

Choose the right platform

Ecommerce stores are majorly of 3 types: Ones that are built on SaaS solutions like Shopify. Second are the ones that are built completely from scratch. Third are the turnkey solutions that are purchased at one-time cost and setup on your server. Your ecommerce store goals, timeline, and budget will majorly determine which of three makes the best sense for you.

The more time you take wrestling with a complicated ecommerce platform, the less time you get to focus on crucial aspects like sales, marketing and customer interaction. Therefore, go for an ecommerce platform to launch an online store that’s affordable as well as scalable.

We highly recommend checking out this ecommerce store builder

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Test before launch

Whether you are building your store using a turnkey online store builder or getting it developed from scratch, it should be tested before launch. Before pressing the LIVE button:

  • Check experience on mobile devices
  • Check product descriptions
  • Check website SEO
  • Check internal linking
  • Check site performance

To avoid hassle during website launch, do a comprehensive audit of each page on your site. Ensure that every link works and there are no glaring issues. Also, test your shopping cart functionality. Once you have tested everything at least two times, you can go live and start selling.

Start selling your products online

Finally, the time has come where all your blood, sweat, and tears for starting an online store will pay off. You are now ready to open your virtual shop for business. Launching your ecommerce website can be done in two ways:

  • Launch it whenever it is ready and announce the good news.
  • Set a launch date and drum up excitement early.

Whether you want to launch it using the first method or the second one, choice is yours. Once the website is up and running, use social media, search engines, email marketing, and offline promotion to boost sales.

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Start your online store today

There are over 7.1 million online stores active in the web realm and competition is brutal. However, a good online store, practical marketing strategy, and amazing product catalogue come together to make a bullet-proof ecommerce mantra.

Having the right set of ecommerce features and capabilities is important to grow your small online shop into something big. Swiftkart is one of the leading ecommerce store development platforms right now to build a practical online store at one-time cost of less than 1000 USD.

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