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Testing something cool!

technoplato profile image Michael Lustig - ・1 min read

I really enjoy the process of creating interesting projects, deeply understanding what goes into making them work, and developing the ability to explain them to anyone interested! If you'd like to keep up to date with my projects, be sure to follow me here or anywhere I've linked below.

I'm also getting ready to start back development on my open-source content aggregation platform where voting power is earned by competency, and competency is determined by answering fact-based community-moderated questions about the content that you're voting on. I'm also baking up a really cool cryptocurrency element into the project where one can choose to burn their voting power for a fungible cryptocurrency, kind of like a crypto kitty.

Anyway, I've already blabbed on long enough. If you're interested in that project, check out the repo here and send me a message anywhere! I think I could talk about this stuff all day!

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