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Hello DEV community,

I am very new to the behind the scenes tech world. I am currently going through courses for Front End and Design.

I really wish I would have looked sooner to the options I had available, this is the most exciting and fun career I have ever found. I am now 40 and have had a lot of careers from reception to construction. Everything you can think of, I have done except doctor or tech stuff.

I have always lived the life of find what truly makes you happy and to never settle. Along the way there was definitely challenges and even thinking about starting a career as a developer was a decision I wasn’t sure about because I always thought of it as a male dominated industry. While I did do construction and it was very hard being a women in a very male dominated environment, I did fit myself in and dealt with men that were mean and disgusting. So I moved on to the next career.

So far I feel very welcomed in the industry so I pledge to embrace equality in tech by being very welcoming and helping anyway I can to make everyone feel comfortable, there is no reason for anyone to work hard to do the job they love just to be treated poorly.

As I move forward in my new career I hope that anyone starting out can feel as excited as I am and as welcomed as I have been to be in the tech world!

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Jacob Ashley

I turn 40 this year and starting my coding journey too! I have worked a TON of different jobs too and wish I would of started this journey so long ago, also. Good luck Crystal! We got this!

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Thank you Jacob! Yes, we got it! ❤️