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Why Programmers experience Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome can never be defined in a single line of the sentence. But it’s a condition whereby it makes a programmer feel like quitting because of inside fears about some situations. It's not a portion of developers, but everyone in that field has or will experience imposter syndrome.

Causes of imposter syndrome and how to deal with it

When you start learning each technology that is emerging thinking you are being left behind. The fact is we cannot keep up 100% with the trends in the market. Technology, mostly web development, is growing daily.

Debugging is one of the processes that can make you feel inferior on your job. You might create a large project for a company but during production, it ceases to work as expected. Trust me, you will spend more time looking for the bug, if you are not working with a team, then it's even more difficult.

At some point, we doubt your ability to work, let's say on a certain job. When employed, we feel like we are being paid more than what we can deliver. Be bold with your knowledge, the managers don’t know how to write codes. Remember the time you spend learning those languages.

Programming in general is hard. It requires a sacrifice of time to be a good coder. Great programmers say you need to spend 1000 hours to become an 80% software programmer. Some people will give up on the way, especially when things seem rough. Yeah, it's true, learn one language at a time. Don’t rush, you will never know everything.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. In your journey, you will meet people who are smarter than you. Let's say you join a team, within your colleagues, there is one developer who will solve all your problems. Don’t look down, but take it as a challenge.

After you have spent all your time learning, be sure there are more than enough companies looking for developers. Not just software engineers, but people who can write clean and maintainable codes.

Most of the skills you will learn on the job are given. Therefore, if you feel you are set, never feel less on the certain post of a job. Just give it a try. There are various platforms offering freelancing activities. It might take some time but once you are in the limelight, you will ripe great stuff.

Technology is a large field with various sub-categories. You are flexible to change careers, therefore whenever you feel like you don’t want to write code anymore, shift to a DevOps engineer.

Don’t stay in a similar field for all that time if you hate it. I do love cybersecurity, but I am a web developer. On my journey, I opt to turn to ethical hacking. Trust me, being in the tech field is fun. All in all, joining big companies is more fun. People are making 6-figure salaries out of the things they wanted to quit. Never give up

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