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Bringing it together: leadership, law, and code

I've been a little quiet here for the past few months!

Basically, I've been trying to figure out what to do.

On being pulled in three directions at once

As you know, if you follow me, I'm really into tech leadership topics, especially for new tech leads, hands on engineering managers, and CTOs or VPEs of startups. I even self published a book called How To Be A Tech Lead ($0).

But what I didn't mention here is that somewhere along the way of my 20+ year career tech is that I went to law school. Hey, write code in the early 2000s was anything but cool, and it was a nice break. I did really well, clerked for a federal judge, and passed the California bar exam.

And I still love writing and leading sessions teaching people about law, especially law for software engineers.

Bringing it all together

Finally, I still write a lot of code for a living. So I get kind of confused on what to focus on: Tech leadership? Law? Code?

Screw it.

Why not just start writing about all three???

There's a ton to talk about. In some places they'll intersect: like being a great tech lead and employment law issues. In others, the might just be kind of interesting: like the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

In all cases, I think I'll be able to continue (and enhance) my mission of making you a more effective, in the trenches tech leader.

So I started a (paid - $7/mo) email list on Substack called Leadership, Law, Code that I hope you'll subscribe to.

But I'll keep posting here from time to time--this is a great community and I'd love to engage you here!

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