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Octopus Builds

What is Octopus Deploy?

Octopus Deploy can help you with a number of things:

  • Release management
  • Deployment Automation
  • Operations Runbooks

When we think about the DevOps pipeline, Octopus sits on the Continuous Integration (CI) part of things. Octopus works in conjunction with existing tools you might have, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, TeamCity, etc.

Octopus Builds

In this new video series the Octopus Deploy Technical Director, Bob Walker,
will take you through the process of starting with a blank Octopus Deploy deployment and building that up. He's going to walk you through all the touch points and features within Octopus so you can really get to know the product.

The first few videos have been released and we'll be releasing a new video every Tuesday. So check out the current videos and subscribe to the channel to get notified of the new ones that are coming.

Join our community

If you'd like to chat with Octopus employees and other Octopus users come and join our Slack Community, we'd love to see you there!

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