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OctoChats - April 2022

Folks we are back with our monthly show OctoChats!

OctoChat is a monthly show created by the Community Team from Octopus Deploy. We share Octopus news, community news and industry news during each show and we hope to be able to interact and chat to the community as well.

Join us online on YouTube (Live at 2pm UK time) or catch the replay below.

Octopus News

  • Config as Code dropped in March in 2022.1. The team have been working on this for 2 years and it puts the control of Octopus into where you work best.
  • Config as Code Webinar on Star Wars day - May the Config as Code be with you!
  • We’re currently hiring for a Java Community Solutions Architect focussing on AWS and GCP with a flavour of containers, reach out to me or you can apply directly on
  • We have a range of openings over UK, US, Australia and New Zealand and you can see our company handbook on

Community News

Events are starting to get back to being in person, and we've spotted the following happening soon.

Industry News

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