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Angular 9 Realtime Chat Example with Node.js, and WebSocket

Throughout the tutorial, we'll be learning how to create a real-time chat app with Angular 9, Socket.IO, and Node.js.

Socket.IO primarily uses the WebSocket protocol to enable real-time bidirectional communication.

WebSocket is the internet protocol that allows for full-duplex communication between a server and clients. The server may send data to a client without the client initiating a request.

Let's see how to create a simple chat server with and WebSockets.

These are the steps of our tutorial:

Step 1 -- Creating the Chat Server
Step 2 -- Initializing the Angular 9 Project
Step 3 -- Installing the Socket.IO Wrapper
Step 4 -- Importing SocketIoModule
Step 5 -- Creating an Angular Chat Service
Step 6 -- Creating the Chat UI
Step 7 -- Serving the Chat Front-End

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