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Angular 14: new features & release date

angular 14 features

Typed reactive forms and advanced template diagnostics will be a part of the next important upgrade to the widely used TypeScript-based web framework that was designed by Google i.e. Angular 14. In the June release, the use of modules will be optional in favor for stand-alone components.

Angular CLI auto completion

Angular 14 adds a new functionality to the CLI that allows real-time type ahead auto completion in the terminal. This capability can be accessed using the cli.

Angular 14 standalone components

With the release of Angular 14, standalone components will at last be a feasible option, and Angular modules will no longer be required.

Enhanced template diagnostics

Enhanced template diagnostics are one of the new features introduced with Angular 14, making it possible for the compiler to shield developers from common coding errors in a manner similar to typescript.

Typed forms

The most common request for an Angular feature on GitHub is for strictly typed forms, which, would improve the frameworkโ€™s model-driven approach to the process of dealing with forms.

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