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I find it hard to focus on just one thing. Therefore I know a little about a lot. What is everyone's feedback on this. Is it best to master one thing or to dab in a little of this and that? Don't get me wrong I have spent extra time on some stuff like HTML CSS C#. I also work good in Visual Studio, Unity, Gimp, Blender, Linux OS "Backtrack from past life". By no means am I a expert but I can get around and make stuff work. I'm currently learning Google Cloud Platform. This makes for a strange resume and mostly not hireable. My take is that being able to learn and use multiple resources would make me adaptable and able to grow with the company.

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I used to have the same problem when I was younger. I thought I had to learn every single language and framework I came across, so I spent hundreds of hours learning about a bunch of tech I no longer use or remember.

Personally, I asked myself, "what do I want to create?" is it websites, games, bots? Once I had an answer to that, the next step was to focus on the most used technologies in that area, doing some search on what the companies around my city use to build software definitely helped me pick a stack of tools as well.


That is why I started to learn Google Cloud Platform. Seems like a growing area with a growing job market. Then I can still work on my side projects on what ever platform I choose.


As a software developer, your primary goal in learning should be to learn how to build real-world software applications. To learn how to build real-world software applications, you first have to learn a little about a lot. This will result in a resume with a bunch of technologies that you only know a little about - but at least you've actually built something that your resume can and should reference, i.e., "I don't know much about real-time systems, but I did build this chat app."

After you know how to build simple applications, you should progress into learning how to build more complex applications. This is what experience gives you: a natural deepening of understanding as you push yourself beyond your current capabilities. Over time, your resume will still have a lot of technologies on it, but bit-by-bit, your knowledge of each technology will get deeper. Years down the line, you will have something approaching expertise on the technologies you have used daily, for some some even mastery.

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