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#hacktoberfest Conquering your First Hactoberfest!

Last year, I heard about hacktoberfest but was left with a number of challenges I had to work out. The first was a PR or Pull Request. What the bleep bleep is that, how do you do this, and how do you know if you have done it correctly? The next was a fork? Wait - is that something you eat with? Unfortunately, there was no one to ask directly, so I decided to focus on my studies.

This year - however it was game on. As soon as the email came through I made it a mission to figure out how this whole thing worked. As Julius Caeser said: "I came, I saw, I conquered?" And you know what - it was so much easier than I imagine!

Advice to newbies like the instructions...ask for help - don't be like me and hover in a dark corner afraid to ask for anything...and give it a shot. As for all the other amazing people putting challenges together so newbies like me can give it a shot - a BIG THANK YOU!

Next year's goal - to create something for other budding hacktoberfest participants.


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