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Software AG TECHcommunity integration Free Forever

tpetrov9 profile image tonipetov Originally published at on ・1 min read

Do you know that feeling when you’re halfway through a project, but the free trial is about to end? Integration now comes in a Free Forever so you can skip the time limitations of a trial and easily start with cloud integration for free, forever.

What does “Free Forever” mean, you might ask? It’s simple. With this new edition, you get a tenant of Integration with up to 1000 transactions per month. Plus, you receive all the capabilities of Integration Basic Edition. This helps you continuously explore and evaluate your cloud integration projects at no cost before taking the next step. Integration comes with a variety of connectors for major popular SaaS & on-premise applications and a breadth of prebuilt integration recipes. Using integration Free Forever, you can:

  • Quickly integrate SaaS applications using a simple drag-and-drop UI.
  • Scale on demand to meet business requirements
  • Enable non-integration specialists to quickly configure integrations
  • Lower maintenance and upgrade costs compared to on-premise deployments
  • Enjoy faster time-to-value and integrations
  • Experience the benefits of an iPaaS at no cost to you

Ready to get started?Get the free edition that will last forever.

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