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Powering embedded integrations

Recently Software AG has released Embed, an embeddable iPaaS - empowering development teams to efficiently embed in-app integrations into their products to enhance their offering with connectivity to a variety of cloud apps and services.

Why in-app integrations?

Cloud applications require integration with other apps and services to survive and thrive. This is why more and more SaaS vendors are enhancing their solutions with connectivity to third-party apps. In-app integrations to other cloud applications and services unlock additional capabilities for your end-users, empowering them to do more with your own offering without the need to switch between different applications and UIs. The goal is to increase customer adoption and retention.

Embedded integration

But building integrations without the right tools and specialized integration know-how requires a lot of work. You need to explore the API of the app that you want to integrate. You need to build and test the integration. You need to monitor the API to make sure that if the API changes your integrations won’t break - over and over again for every new integration. All this effort requires developer time, taking it away from building the differentiating capabilities of your own app, and it slows down your time to market.

Embedded integration solves this problem, providing intuitive tools to create and publish the integrations you need in a more efficient and standardized way. As the name says - it allows you to “embed” integrations with third-party apps into your application so users can interact with other apps and services right within your own app experience. Pre-built app connectors ease the pain of dealing with API documentation and changes, so you can avoid maintenance chaos. Once it is set up, you can add new integrations with a click of the button and easily manage them across their lifecycle.

Learn how Embed enables you to:

  • Easily plug integration capabilities into your application
  • Accelerate your time-to-market, reduce development and maintenance costs
  • Provide more value for your users

Visit our website to learn more about Embed and request a custom demo.

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