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webMethods B2B Cloud

webMethods B2B integration moves to the cloud

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webMethods B2B Cloud, a SaaS-based partner integration service, was launched in October 2018. B2B Cloud will include webMethods Trading Networks' quick partner onboarding and partner management capabilities, EDI use case support, and end- to-end visibility with transaction monitoring.

Fig 1: webMethods B2B Cloud’s Home Page

Why you need a cloud presence for B2B

As a current webMethods Trading Networks customer, you may be perfectly happy with your on-premises B2B integration. Partners, however, are increasingly expecting SaaS-based B2B traffic and collaboration from both you and your competitors.

Further, CIOs are assessing the potential cost savings engendered by a cloud solution that guarantees the timely and secure translation and delivery of mission-critical documents such as Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN), invoices, purchase orders and quotes, to name just a few. Consequently, it may be time to evaluate a flexible and centralized, cost-effective cloud-based B2B platform that significantly lowers TCO by avoiding hardware expenditures and infrastructure costs associated with on-premises solutions.

About webMethods B2B Cloud

Built on Software AG’s industry-leading Trading Networks platform (including back-end integration support through webMethods Integration Cloud), Software AG’s B2B Cloud is ready to provide partner integration as a service, supporting out- of-the-box document formats and processing rules as needed by customers, suppliers, distributors and other trading partners, including real-time EDI (ANSI X12) electronic document exchange over HTTP and AS2.

Fig 2: B2B Cloud Integration Architecture

Partner profile management

A new enhanced UI facilitates increased usability for faster, partner profile setups. As with webMethods Trading Networks, B2B Cloud maintains one of the industry’s quickest onboarding capabilities, allowing users to define partner identities and contact details in minutes.

Additionally, the system enables users to maintain partner preferences for channels (EDI transmission formats) and standards.

Fig 3: B2B Cloud’s Partner Profile Management

Transaction monitoring and processing

End-to-end visibility across all document traffic is key to supporting customer satisfaction and SLA compliance. B2B Cloud’s transaction analysis provides real-time tracking for task execution and processing, enabling you to drill down into the transaction data and take corrective actions on behalf of trading partners, such as resubmitting failed documents.

Back-end system and integration

B2B Cloud can be quickly tied your B2B processes and back- end systems. By using webMethods Integration Cloud, you can deploy and orchestrate essential B2B processes to enhance partner connectivity. Additionally, Integration Cloud enables companies to leverage the rich webMethods library of cloud connectors for solutions such as Salesforce®, Marketo®, ServiceMax®, ServiceNow® and Zuora®.

Coming in 2019! Partner self-service portal

Empowering partners through their own B2B Cloud is an idea whose time has come.

In our next release cycle, webMethods B2B cloud will provide your partners a single interface for document exchange and visibility. Partners will be able to upload and submit documents, experience mobile enablement with actionable alerts—and edit their own profile, maintaining accurate information at all times.

Want to learn more about B2B Cloud? Read the fact sheet.

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