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Seamless Ticketing Integration for Cumulocity IoT

Bridging the Gap Between IoT and Ticketing Platforms

Cumulocity IoT has been a frontrunner in offering IoT services, but what about managing the multitude of service tickets generated across various IoT devices? That’s where our Ticketing Integration Microservice steps in. It offers seamless integration of any ticketing platform with Cumulocity IoT.

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Allows integration of ticketing platform with Cumulocity IoT. Provides out-of-the-box integration with webMethods AgileApps and ability to integrate with other platform using custom integration using or any other platform.

Ticketing Integration Microservice for Cumulocity IoT

This microservice allows integration of any ticketing platform with Cumulocity IoT. It supports integration with webMethods AgileApps out-of-the-box. However, for integration with other platforms like ServiceNow, ZenDesk, etc. it relies on other integration platforms like

Please refer to for complete overview of the Ticketing Integration Accelerator for Cumulocity IoT.


  1. Download the latest ticketing-{version}.zip file from the Releases section.
  2. Switch to Cumulocity IoT Administration app using App Switcher. Upload the downloaded microservice zip file. Steps vary based on Cumulocity IoT version you are using. Please refer to Cumulocity IoT documentation.
  3. Subscribe the microservice. Steps vary based on Cumulocity IoT version you are using. Please refer to Cumulocity IoT documentation.
  4. Refresh the page and click on Logs tab to view the microservice logs and if there any potential errors.

Configuration - to integrate Cumulocity IoT with Ticketing Platform

  1. webMethods AgileApps
    1. Ensure you have…

Out-of-the-box, it supports integration with webMethods AgileApps. However, for other platforms like ServiceNow, ZenDesk, etc., the microservice leverages other integration platforms such as In essence, it is a universal solution to merge the world of IoT management with service ticketing systems.

Easy Installation and Configuration

Installing the Ticketing Integration Microservice is straightforward. You need to download the latest version from the Releases section of the repository, switch to the Cumulocity IoT Administration app, upload the microservice zip file, and subscribe to the microservice.

As for the configuration, whether you’re integrating webMethods AgileApps or any other ticketing platform, the process has been simplified. For AgileApps, ensure that you have an AgileApps tenant that is reachable from your Cumulocity IoT tenant and a user account with appropriate permissions. For other platforms, the microservice uses Basic Authentication to access three necessary APIs.

Developing and Building Made Simple

For those who want to enhance and test the microservice locally, we provide a comprehensive guide. From setting up a proxy microservice application to acquiring bootstrap user credentials, you’ll find step-by-step instructions.

The guide also details how to clone the Git repository on your local machine and how to configure various properties in the file. The build process is also well-documented, allowing you to easily create new builds for the microservice.

Additional Information

Feedback and Ideas

  • If you find any bug, please raise an issue directly in the GitHub repository.
  • Please, feel free to share feedback and ideas by posting a reply here.

Want to help us improve the code? Check out our GitHub - SoftwareAG/contributing repository first.

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