Discussion on: Has Umbraco turned into the "tourist trap" of open source .net CMSs

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I think this rings true Tim. You commented on our recent-ish CacheDependency memory leak bug which was validated relatively quickly, but it took a lot of pushing and a long wait to get released into 7.15.5.

We upgraded and immediately noticed a huge CPU issue when we were being crawled. 7.14 handled that traffic without issue, but clearly 7.15.5 hadn't been load tested. The whole process of upgrading, testing, then downgrading has cost us so much time I haven't been able to get anyone on this to investigate further, but it does seem someone else has noted the same issue:

Clearly while fixing bugs the team have introduced a new, and major, issue. We were seeing our CPU rapidly ramp up to 100% during the crawl, but then NOT RECOVER for hours after the traffic had subsided. Somehow the site stayed operational but that was something of a miracle.

I'll try and get this raised, but again I don't have high hopes for a fix (that actually works), and our client is not ready to upgrade to v8 yet so we're caught between a memory leak and CPU overload!