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Twitter: Small Talk, Big Impact

Hey friend! I'm excited to join the DEV community! Quick about me-- I'm here to help. My goal is to guide as many job seekers and hiring managers in the tech community as I can.

Here's a little nugget of guidance about my favorite networking platform…Twitter. If you want to watch/listen to the whole episode…

If you like reading more than watching Youtube….

If you’re used to slower-paced platforms (looking at you LinkedIn), Twitter can feel like an unleashed and uncontrolled flood of content. But with the constant stream of content comes more opportunities to network and potentially find your dream job. Let me give you a few pointers so you don't get swept away.

Leverage the Visuals— A banner image/profile picture combo? I thought this platform was all about words. In lots of ways yes, but lucky for you Twitter gives you the space to brand yourself with your profile visuals. Former chef looking for a job? Pop up that epic dish you plated. Thinking about getting back into yoga instruction? Boom, perfect spot for the crazy handstand beach picture. Your profile pic is all part of the package— keep it professional, people. There’s no hiring manager that wants to see your bathroom selfie no matter how great you think you look.

Bio Blues— I’m not asking you to write an autobiography here, folks. Simple, sweet and to the point: write who you are, what you do and what you (generally) tweet about. Easy as that. If you can make it intriguing and engaging, bonus points. The first rule of the internet is to not tell strangers where you live, but adding your location in your Twitter bio can help with potential connections. You might be talking to someone 500 miles away, but they might know someone with a job in your area.

Put a Pin in It— You ever just make a really great tweet that defines you as a whole and can basically be a mission statement for yourself? Pin in. No one is going doom scrolling through your profile to find it. And if that’s something you don’t have, make it.

You may be thinking, “but Taylor, I don’t have time to come up with 10 witty posts a day and honestly I’ve never had an original thought in my life.” And that’s totally okay. Close out TikTok for 20 minutes and take time to interact with other people on the platform. You don’t have to be constantly creating content to have success. This means doing things like commenting and joining communities— I mean they made the retweet button for a reason, right? Use lists as a way to connect with people and topics you’re interested in pursuing. And one final tip– keep the hashtags to a minimum. There are exceptions to every rule, but don’t let your tweet be overshadowed by a mountain of useless text. Let Twitter do the work, just jump in and have fun.


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