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The Reality of Dream Jobs + Bad Advice w/ J.D. Hillen

Today we’re putting our successes on the back burner and talking about the internet’s favorite subject— failure. Not so much the ones about people falling or a warehouse guy experiencing the world's most unfortunate domino situation, but we’re talking about the failure that stems from taking bad advice (we’ve all been there… or we’re still there) and what it feels like when your dream job turns out to be a flop.

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To get straight to the fails:

The problem with advice is the only difference between good advice and bad advice is perspective. Maybe you had a mentor or a professor that told you, “If you want to make money, you should go into (insert their opinion here).” And now here you are, years later, hating your job and realizing what they said might’ve been good for them but wasn’t the right move for you. The good news is, we’ve all taken bad advice. Even better news, you can still move forward from there because of your gained perspective.

Take caution in the advice you give to people. There’s weight in what you say, and you never know what someone may adopt as their own. I mean look at the name of this podcast— guidance counselors are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to giving bad advice to impressionable people. But the 2.0 updated version— we’re just here to give practical and tactical advice you can actually use. Don’t worry.

Are dream jobs real? I’d say about as real as Sasquatch or Santa to a six-year-old. It depends more on your definition of real. The reality of a dream job sometimes strays from the picture you had in your head.  Of course, there are varying degrees of this— whether it’s something simple like your day-to-day is a little more of a grind than you expected or you get the surprise of all of your coworkers thriving off drama, caffeine and making your every waking moment difficult. Like recognizing bad advice, this can be a hard reality to face. FYI, this reality can sometimes take years, weeks or a layoff before you get the epiphany. Don’t forget, if you’re unhappy with your workplace take a breather before storming into your boss’ office and quitting. Is it the job itself that’s the problem for you or is it more of an industry issue? Every job comes with its negatives, but you have to put them in context.

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