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CleanMyMac for developers

Back in 2014, I got my first Mac. It was a beauty, but there was one hitch: it only had 125 GB of disk space. Over the years, I've cycled through a bunch of Macs, but guess what? Disk space problems have stuck around, thanks to my multiple projects. Sure, some workplaces handed me 1 TB Macs, but my personal ones? I've always gone for the 512 GB version, mainly because it's easier on the wallet.

I tried tools like CleanMyMacX, but they just didn't cut it. They couldn't spot the files that us developers know are a waste—things like node_modules, pesky caches, and old docker containers. That's why I decided to create something myself.

Meet Roomy, my macOS app that packs in all the developer-friendly file wisdom I've gathered over the years. You can test it out right here, totally free.

When you fire up Roomy, you'll see that, for now, it's all about cleaning up Xcode and JavaScript-related files. For JavaScript, you'll need to set your workspace path in the settings (the place where you keep your JavaScript projects). Check it out:

Roomy Screenshot 1

Once you've got your workspace set up, head over to Scan->Javascript. There, you can see how much space each of your projects' node_modules, build files, and caches is eating up.

Roomy Screenshot 2

Here is my Xcode summary:

Image description

I'm working hard on Roomy's core features, and your feedback is gold to me. Let me know if it's making your developer life easier and what else you'd like to see.

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