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Small Contributions to Starchart

This week, I set up the initial Starchart project using Remix's Blues Stack template. The PR is the starting point for adding, modifying, and removing features and functionalities. There were some problems running the development environment, as the user had to copy the default Postgres credentials from .env.example to a new .env file. I most likely forgot about including it as a step in the "Steps to Test" section of my PR because the .env file was created by the script I used to generate the template for the project. However, as we do not intend to use Postgres to store our data, and the purpose of the PR was to provide a starter code for the team, the PR was successfully squashed and merged.

I also got the opportunity to review a PR in the Starchart repo that dealt with adding package-log.json to the tree and removing dependencies with security issues. The package-log.json was automatically added to .gitignore when I ran the script to generate Blues Stack project, so I pointed out that we should add it back to the tree as it's an essential file for several reasons. One is that it has an optimization purpose of letting npm skip previously installed dependencies during the installation process. Another thing worth pointing out was removing prom-client since it is a Prometheus-related dependency we are trying to avoid.

Some of the errors from my end could have been avoided had I not felt the pressure of keeping other teammates waiting, as all the core features and functionalities rely on the initial Remix Blues Stack setup.

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