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OSD700: Working with BullMQ Worker/Queues (cont'd)

This week, I upgraded the notification system in Starchart by implementing background jobs that repeat every 5 mins to query the database for existing DNS records or Certificates expiring in less than a month. If the query returns any data, we check the last time we notified the user. If we have never notified the user, we will send an initial reminder encouraging the user to log in to the system and renew the expiring records.

I am confident that initial reminders will be rolled out. Still, we would need to update the value of lastNotified when we renew expiring DNS records and Certificates so that users can be reminded again. I need to update the code so we can send a second reminder when records are about to expire in less than a week.

Implementing background jobs to roll our notifications in this PR has been one of my most meaningful contributions to the project. It needs improvement, and I intend to perfect it so that any code that builds on top of it does not fail.

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