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OSD700 - Setting up Telescope and more

Last semester in OSD600, we were introduced to the Telescope project, maintained by developers at Seneca College. It was a daunting experience to set it up locally initially, as I ran into issues with authentication and correctly seeding the Postgres database. With support from the project's maintainers, I could run Telescope properly on my operating system and contribute to both the client side and the project's backend.

Steps I take to Start Telescope

  1. Load Docker Desktop client
  2. Run the pnpm services:start script
  3. Stop parser using Docker Desktop client
  4. After all the containers are started, run: cp ./src/db/env.example .env
  5. Run pnpm db:init script
  6. Restart parser using pnpm services:start parser

Memory Issues

I have no issues running Telescope on my machine, except that specific containers consume too much memory space, which makes my system lag. I also helped one of my peers connect to the Telescope's backend locally.


This semester, I look forward to familiarizing myself more with microservices and Docker, so I am comfortable using these technologies in the future.

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