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Thomas C. Haflich

Howdy! I was brought here when a former coworker of mine mentioned it, I looked it up and it seemed cool.

I stick mostly to JavaScript/CSS, but I do a bunch of work in PHP/MySQL when it's needed. Small company, many hats, etc etc. In the past couple years I've been moving more toward a management/mentoring role so I'm trying to pick up better habits and lead by example.

I'm particularly interested in culture, especially as discussed on, after reading the code of conduct. I'm currently in the process of transitioning at work, and it's going alright, but it's about as awkward and uncomfortable as you'd imagine. Having an online developer community with a code of conduct specifically laying out gender identity and pronoun usage seems like it would be a good place to hide out when having to dodge the shadow of my former self all day gets tiring.