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Making Your Google Colab Notebook More Interactive

Hey, devs! Long time no post. I have been learning deep learning for so long time and using google colab for my projects. You know, free GPU 😅 and demos.

I also used colab to send the proof of concepts or MVP to the clients and every time the clients faced problems in interacting with the notebook.

This made me think every time can I make my notebook more interactive? Are there any pre-validations? What is the difference between Jupiter and google colab if it doesn't offer anything new but free GPU or TPU instances. Well, I kept on digging in and found that it does support interactive inputs of different types.

In colab, it's known as "Forms"

I won't make this boring by adding too much text, google team has already created an example notebook explaining everything which is possible with forms. You can find the link of it below ⇓

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