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Tazim Rahbar
Tazim Rahbar

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Building social media for developers.


Currently, I am building a social media for Developers where developers can share what they have built and see what other developers are building. It's "Devshub".

For now, it is in the beta phase and I am listing projects from developers' portfolios but very soon Signup/Login feature will be introduced which will allow developers to share their projects themselves.

Not just signup/login but many features like "Real-time messaging, Project Analytics, Review & Feedback" is in the pipeline.

Some glimpse of Devshub

  1. Feeds Page Feeds Page
  2. Project Page Project Page
  3. Developer Profile Page Developer Profile Page

Tech Stacks

  • Frontend: Vue JS, Nuxt JS
  • Backend: Supabase(now) -> Soon shifting to custom backend using Fastapi
  • Deployment: Netlify

Just wrapping up there. I hope you will like this project and provide feedback and share with your other developer you know.

Thank you 👋👋

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